Christmas msg to Everyone

Christmas starts with this, the real meaning of Christmas, thanks to all my customers this throughout the year, wishing them a very happy and fun time, bless you all, (just don’t make the house too messy for me in the new year!)

Cleaning Love Cleaning

Love cleaning, surprising what you can do in a couple of hours, bathroom, kitchen, lounge and 2/3 bedrooms, hall way and stairs. Get the long duster out for those cobwebs lurking in the corners. Cleaning is our speciality, leave it to us. Professionals of house cleaning in Bath.

Wrap up this week

Wrap up this week when going outside, its the start of the cold season…But it will be nice to work, #cleaning in all those nice warm homes in #Bath this week, getting homes #clean ready for Christmas.

Cleaning Up

Cleaning up: mobile laundry for the homeless goes international. Two men with a van installed a washer dryer and shower service to the homeless. Good deed for the day! What a lovely thing to do for them. Cleaning Up in Bath should have one.

A mobile laundry and shower service for the homeless has begun international expansion after being inundated with requests from struggling cities around the globe.

Four years ago two young Australian men saw a gap in the market and fitted out a van with a washer and dryer, driving it to parks, churches and drop-in centres in a bid to bring hygiene services to the homeless community on their own turf.

Lucas Patchett, co-founder of Orange Sky, said washing was initially viewed as a low priority for the community, and there was widespread scepticism about the plan.

Autumn Leaves

The more you sweep them up, more more they return, Rake and sweep leaves that fall, to keep your gardens tidy, and saves them sticking to your shoes when coming into your home.