Vegan cleaning product sales rocket

Sales of eco-cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and have not been tested on animals have soared by 80 per cent, the supermarket has revealed.

Demand for vegan cleaning products at Tesco has rocketed over the past year, coinciding with the spike of interest in meat- and dairy-free diets among UK consumers. Britons cutting down on or eliminating animal produce from their diets also appear to be focusing on other areas of their lives where they can switch to vegan options, with many seeking out household cleaning products that have not been tested on animals, figures from Tesco indicate.

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Making your own home-cleaning products saves money but be careful to watch what you’re mixing

To reduce waste and avoid unnecessary plastic bottles and chemicals — and to save money — many people are opting to make cleaning products from scratch at home. You can find an abundance of recipes for household cleaning products online, along with reusable glass spray bottles designed to hold them.

But not all homemade cleaning products are created equal, and some simple concoctions can be downright dangerous.

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