Choosing the right cleaner

After our post How to Clean Up Before the Housekeeper Comes, readers wanted to know so much more about how to hire a cleaner and how to handle any sensitive or awkward situations. We talked to Beatriz Rojas, owner of San Antonio cleaning company C&B Facility Services, and she answered all our questions.

How to choose a service

You’ve got options. You could hire a solo cleaner over Gumtree or through a personal referral. Or you could hire an agency, which might send different cleaners to your home at different times.

With a solo cleaner, you might choose to pay cash directly, and you might build a more casual professional relationship. You’ll also know exactly who is coming to your house each time.

An agency often costs more, says Rojas, but that cost usually covers taxes and insurance. An agency can also send a team; Rojas often leads a team of three to a house cleaning, tackling multiple rooms at once, so they can clean an entire house in a couple of hours.

If you’re looking for a level of professionalism and protection from damages, an agency could be your best option.

Hand operation this week

Can I thank all my customers for being so helpful and kind. I have my hand operation on Wednesday for carpel tunnel release and will be off for two weeks, thanks to all my customers for being patient for when I return back to work. I’m coming back I promise!

Watch this space

New generation Mop, doing cleaners out of jobs

  • The iRobot Braava jet 240 Robot Mop ($170) cleans all types of hard floor surfaces, from tile to wood to stone to laminate to polished concrete.
  • The Braava jet 240 can be operated in three different cleaning modes: wet mopping, damp sweeping, and dry sweeping.
  • The device is controlled by a series of sensors and an onboard computer that ensure it cleans every square inch of the room in which you deploy it, including around and under furniture.