Open Log fires

Its lovely to clean some homes with open log fires, just makes the house inviting and warm this time of year and like to stay cleaning in these homes. Very good customers to Small Personal Cleaning Service

Bath Clean Air Zone

Gearing up for the Bath Clean Air Zone implemented later this year, Bath cleaners are well prepared, have the work set on Certain days of the week, so less running around in the car, burning fuel and gas.

Chemicals we use

Customers ask, about my cleaning products? As chemicals do react, S.P.C.S has nothing harmful & know about periodic tables. Bath Cleaning service do not use bleach or horrible smelling products/cleaners.

Busy January 2020

Back to cleaning in Bath, a very busy week starting on Monday, ready and motivated, catching up on regular customers after two weeks off, will still make time for the odd clean here and there. Bath’s most enthusiastic cleaning service has a very hectic diary throughout January.

Cleaning Homes with Gardens

Bath #Homes have, Picturesque, Magnificent & Grand gardens, that you can hide away in, but don’t have to really! Some have in the heart of the garden a feature of some kind. Small Personal Cleaning Service is lucky to service such remarkable homes in Bath.