Cleaning homes in winter

Cleaning homes in the winter months, more dust created by open fires, wood burners, and people being inside using their homes more, escaping the cold frosty weather. Small Personal Cleaning Service is ready to clean homes in Bath whatever elements of nature brings, through the coming season.The snow man in Feb earlier this year!

New town houses and Apartments Cleaned

Cleaning in Bath is a very fulfilling job, working on your own getting to know new customers, Bath has become a modern city with new Town houses and apartments like Mulberry Park, Riverside and Holburne Park, all new and less time to keep clean, cleaning is easy, less clutter, nice open plan space, with new homes its not like your period properties, quirky and have Character, Bath has best of both worlds. 

Odd job cleaning on regular cleans

This time of year when the heating goes on, cleaning radiators and behind them, covered in dust, surprising what you find, especially the one in the kitchen, utensils and cutlery to the odd chop stick and Sushi Bazooka. Small Personal Cleaning Service has it all clean and sorted in homes in Bath, ready for the winter.

Halloween and Halfterm

Half term for schools this week, also halloween, making and adjusting outfits for children, kids doodling and those halloween parties, children getting creative whilst being at home in the cold and rain, just means one thing – We need our cleaner back this week please. Rachel at Small Personal Cleaning Service.

Cleaning Jobs come and go

Left one of my customers yesterday after 11 years, customers and homes come and go, was one of my first customers when started cleaning so was sad to say goodbye. Exciting time to take on another new cleaning job that will keep cleaning homes interesting and a sense of achievement to get to Small Personal Cleaning standards.


Wet wipes, toilet wipes, cleaning wipes, baby wipes, cleansing wipes should not be put down the toilet, causes blockages and are not biodegradable, always go in the bin. costing councils and sewage/water companies a fortune to block pipes of these wipes. Small personal cleaning uses eco friendly cloths that can be washed at 90 degrees time after time and always be clean for our customers.