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Cleaning Jobs come and go

Left one of my customers yesterday after 11 years, customers and homes come and go, was one of my first customers when started cleaning so was sad to say goodbye. Exciting time to take on another new cleaning job that will keep cleaning homes interesting and a sense of achievement to get to Small Personal Cleaning standards.


Wet wipes, toilet wipes, cleaning wipes, baby wipes, cleansing wipes should not be put down the toilet, causes blockages and are not biodegradable, always go in the bin. costing councils and sewage/water companies a fortune to block pipes of these wipes. Small personal cleaning uses eco friendly cloths that can be washed at 90 degrees time after time and always be clean for our customers.

Shower and Bath Limescale

Shower screens and bath areas get bad buildup of limescale in the #Bath area . #SmallPersonalcleaningservice have all the products to deal with this leaving your glass screen, taps and bathroom areas free from #Limescale.