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Discontinued Services



This cleaning service will be discontinued from October 31st 2020.

No Longer serving the residents of Bath

I thank every single customer who have made the service so successful as it is today.

Sorry that I am discontinuing services

Cleaning In Bath

Small Personal Cleaning Service is back on top form from Monday, beginning of the week started well, down hill since Wednesday, got back on track with the running this week, fit, ready for another target shootout week in Arch E ry, after a lot of tantalisation, holiday season still in full swing, mountainous, Lakes & Highlands are different from towns, villages & cities

Getting to work through traffic

There are some contractors and road works around Bath, a lot more than usual, difficult to move at any time of day in Bath, its complicated as got to stay following the leader, especially in a one way system, where there is no choice, not even to reverse. At least they are digging up the roads with a jackhammer or feels like it when going over it in the car the roads, but roads are fairly quiet and school’s out.

Returning to work on limited hours

Small Personal Cleaning Service, doing a number of limited hours this week Starting 18th May.

Returning to work on limited hours from Monday 18th May. Be great to get back to cleaning again, even though a lot has changed and still evaluating the situation. Be nice to see other businesses opening up too, But it will be far from a normal world, as reverting back to a normal life is probably out of the question. Just getting back to seeing customers again will be a good improvement on the last 7 weeks, especially if they are 2m distance or more away.


When Returning to Work Cleaning

Taking a different strategy to the norm maybe, when returning to work, thinking about lots of things to do, sussing out what options to use when cleaning homes in Bath, it may be a case of not using own equipment, but the customers providing it, could be far more safer, apart from the cleaning solutions, some customers may need to invest in a good vacuum, mop & bucket for now, but Small Personal Cleaning Service will let them know in advance, speaking to them all the time, keeping a good connection, its great and appreciate, respect and thank all of them for being patient. Bath cleaner will continue to keep them happy and safe along with their home.

Colder Weather

Weather taken a turn, some homes in Bath, needing the central heating again especially older customers. Small Personal Cleaning Service is looking forward to returning to cleaning when go ahead is clear.

The weather has dippedand the temperature has gone colder this week, needing the fire again in the evenings, to keep the house warm and cosy, turning on the Central heating for just one room is a waste, as spending most of the time in the heart of the home, heat from the kitchen can have its advantages too. Hope the nice weather returns soon, enjoyed relaxing in the garden, on a few afternoons of the week while not working, now going into week six of lockdown. In Such Unusual times and dates the May bank holiday is not until next weekend Friday 8th not this week Monday 4th May, but seems all the days are the same.


Customers are not Forgotten

Small personal Cleaning Service will be returning to work soon,

Customers are not forgotten, keeping in touch with regular weekly clients to get advice on when to return, providing its safe to do so.

Cleaning for clients in Bath is as equally important to me as to you, to keeping your home clean, keeping you and families safe.

Small Personal Cleaning Service will not be taking on any new clients throughout the summer as regular clients will take priority until Autumn.


Stay Home

Small Personal Cleaning service is Saying thanks to our Bath RUH hospital staff, Stay home and protect NHS, Save lives. Thank you to their continuing care and attention to patients, doing a marvellous job.